Responding: A New Apologetics Resource for Kids!

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At speaking engagements, I am frequently asked about apologetics materials for children. The great news is that there is a growing body of work for teaching children how to engage thoughtfully with the truth claims of Christianity. One of the newest resources is by the Cold-Case Christianity author, J. Warner Wallace, and his wife, Susie Wallace!51qib5depwl-_sy344_bo1204203200_

Cold-Case Christianity for Kids places the reader right in the middle of detective cadet academy training. As a student cadet, the reader is trained by Wallace’s mentor, Detective Jeffries, to become a critical investigator of the facts. Alongside the criminal investigation, Detective Jeffries helps skeptical-minded students to investigate Christianity and the claims made about Jesus Christ.

The students learn to investigate with a critical eye, but also learn when to trust the conclusion of a body of evidence; including how to examine eye-witness testimony, such as found in the Gospels. These skills are vital to students who are growing up in a society in which, as G.K. Chesterton once lamented, is so open-minded that their brains fall out. Our battle today is with teaching actual logic and reason in a society that uses reason as pretense to hide behind poor thinking skills and uncritical commitments to beliefs.

When I began my apologetics ministry, close to ten years ago, there were a few writers for children’s curriculum. However, in recent years, I’m seeing much more available in a wider array of topics. This contribution by J. Warner and Susie Wallace would make an excellent study for a family. I would use it in combination with the original Cold-Case Christianity written for adults. It appears to be written at about a fifth grade reading level, with a few advanced vocabulary words that are defined in the margin of the page in which they occur.

You can grab a copy here and begin your family adventure in the detective cadet academy!

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  1. I teach grades 5-7 Sunday School class. Would this be able to be adapted to Sunday School curriculum? I have used the Case for Christ for kids by Lee Strobbel. We did cover a lot of territory with that. Do you think that this would just be a repeat. It also looked at the evidence from a detective’s point of view. Thank you for your insight.

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