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3 thoughts on “Mary Jo Featured on the Table Podcast with Dr. Darrell Bock

  1. I watched the interview, and found it interesting, but it left me wanting a little more detail on how to talk with unbelievers. I guess in an interview, it’s hard to focus on just one topic. I’m planning to buy the “Why Do You Believe That?: A Faith Conversation, DVD Leader Kit” and I’m sure that will go into a lot more detail on conversation ideas and apologetics. I think it would have been helpful if Mary Jo mentioned one of the resources she has produced in connection with the subject, so for those who don’t know, here’s the link to the DVDs :

    On a side note, I would love to see Mary Jo do more debates, they are the driving force behind popularity as an apologist, and I think they would really help get her message heard more widely.

    God bless Mary Jo! 🙂

  2. One other piece of advice, when you start doing debates regularly, (and you really must), locate them on a channel bearing your name, like William Lane Craig has done. I see videos of Mary Jo scattered all over the place on random Christian channels, and you will never build a following that way. You need somewhat regular video content on a YouTube channel with your ministry’s name on it. That way, people can link to your site, buy your resources, and just get to know you in general. If you’re afraid of looking bad and getting low views, you must overcome that fear. As you continue to produce videos, people will hear about you, and your views will go up, that’s what happens with everyone. Trying to be an author and apologist who doesn’t have a YouTube presence renders you virtually invisible. Look at James White, David Wood, William Lane Craig, etc., etc.

    I hope this helps, again, God bless Mary Jo. 🙂

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