Consider Summit Ministries This Summer

Do current trends in society set your teeth on edge? Do you fear for the changes yet to come in the lifetime of your kids? Can I make a recommendation? If you have a 16-21 year old that you know and love, send them to Summit Ministries.

For over 50 years, thousands of families have trusted Summit. Graduates have gone on to be leaders in every facet of society. The Summit 12-day course (in CO, TN, & CA) prepares young adults to stand for truth and gives them opportunities to think deeply about subjects like gender issues, sanctity of life, biblical economics and more.

Now is the time to invest in preparing mature, thoughtful, and focused young leaders. I think Summit is key. That’s why I’m honored to be on their Board of Reference.

Find out more and register your young leader by 5pm MTN on March 31st to receive early-bird discount of $200 off.  Receive an additional $200 off their conferences in California and Tennessee!