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I hope you find the study useful and effective for discussing your beliefs.

– MJ Sharp


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UPDATE 8/24/2015:

From page 61, “Living In Truth”

The first “Oh-No Cat!” error update goes to the negative example conversation on page 61. We have two problems:

1) Context: The conversation on Twitter was between a person representing an educational institution and a college student. The actual discussion was probably about a passage of contention in the Bible. The college student received a response on a particular passage of Scripture (thus the unicorn comment), but had retorted with the response that people interpret the Bible however best suits a particular argument. We see a series of comments a little out of order here. After “K” responds to the unicorn remark with “sounds good,” the institutional representative then proceeds to chastise her in general.

2) Editing error: The “S” statement should read: “What’s sad is the that you only regurgitate commonly known sound bites without researching anything. Study. Do your homework. Make GA (Georgia) proud.” This is an ad hominem (an attack on the individual, rather than addressing her argument), to which the student replies, “You don’t know anything about me. Nice try with the personal insults.”

The example shows what occurs when we use negatively charged wording and/or ad hominem in our conversations. We’ll typically get a negative reaction.